LRH Facial Plastic Surgery


Welcome to the website of Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick.

Our face is the first thing we present to the outside world. It communicates not only our outer appearance but also conveys, through expression, our inner personality. Each of us possesses some minor or major facial imperfections.

For some, these imperfections form a part of the "character" of our face, while for others, they are bothersome features that hinder facial harmony and detract from an otherwise pleasing facial appearance.

Many of us, at one time or another, have thought about changing or enhancing one of our facial features. Some have made the decision to accomplish this through plastic surgery. In making this personal decision, it is important to be well informed and determine one's own goals and aspirations.

An Experienced Esthetic Surgeon

Expertise, outstanding surgical skills, and a keen esthetic eye are crucial to achieving excellent surgical results. However, ethics and dedication to patient care are key attributes that are just as important in making the patient's overall experience positive and rewarding. Dr. Fitzpatrick is committed to combining these attributes to help his patients achieve their goals for esthetic improvement.


Dr. Fitzpatrick performs a variety of facial plastic procedures, including rejuvenation surgery, such as facelift and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), nasal reshaping (rhinoplasty), ear reshaping (otoplasty) and chin augmentation.

Non-surgical office procedures are also performed, including Botox Cosmetic® and skin filler injections, laser facial rejuvenation and others.